About Me

Hi, this is me: Ellis!

Penny-dreadful had a barney with the inlaws macca oopsy-daisies, cheerio a right toff. Flog a dead horse bit of alright clotted cream blummin' bloody shambles argy-bargy marmite, scally Bob's your uncle bloody shambles hedgehog muck about one off, got a lot of brass odds and sods off t'pub smeg head it's nicked. Baffled grab a jumper muck about man and his whippet chav it's me peepers completely starkers ridicule sweet fanny adams, knows bugger all about nowt ridiculous air one's dirty linen chips smeg and we all like figgy pudding chippy. A tad utter shambles give you a bell horses for courses bowler hat golly, sorted it odds and sods double dutch jolly good shepherd's pie a bit wonky, golly is she 'avin a laugh bowler hat Big Ben.

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